Welcome to my Kitchen!

Hi all! I’m Hayley, a recent Culinary Nutrition alumni from Johnson & Wales University, recipe developer, aspiring Registered Dietitian and lover of all things food.

My hope is to provide people with the recipes and ideas they need in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Helping people discover a new interest in nutritious alternatives that utilize fresh, local and organic ingredients is my goal for this blog. As you explore my page, I hope that you feel inspired to try something new with dishes designed to nourish and nurture your body.

I’ve had a lifelong passion and love for food- stemming all the way back to the countless mornings I spent watching Rachel Ray and Ina Garten. Through my teenage years, my peers were head first in the newest IPhone as I was learning the ins-and-outs of my KitchenAid mixer. From then on my sentiment for cooking began to blossom and soon became the basis of my career.

Graduating in 2017 with my Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Nutrition, I learned the tips and tricks of healthy cooking from the most esteemed chefs and mentors at JWU. Pulling ideas from lectures, projects and critiques, they have influenced each of my recipes.

It’s well-known that healthy food doesn’t always get the best rep; it’s expensive, confusing and hard to find. That’s something I want to change. Here, you’ll find bright, seasonal dishes that taste as fresh as they look. My lifestyle mantra is based around the idea of healthy (ish) cooking and eating: the 80/20 rule (I’ll explain this further down the line). Answering to your body’s needs and personalizing your diet to fit you can make the biggest difference in your health.

Along with recipes, healthbyhayl will highlight other ways to keep life exciting: travel, fitness & all of the messiness life has to offer.

I hope that you’ll enjoy all of my new creations along the way, welcome to my kitchen!




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